You created a Kubernetes cluster, now what? Download Kubeconfig

  • 28 July 2020
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The Kubeconfig is a configuration file for running kubectl commands against the deployed Kubernetes cluster. To deploy applications on your cluster using kubectl, download the Kubernetes cluster configuration file (Kubeconfig) to your host.

The Kubeconfig token expires after 24 hours. This is a security feature by design in Karbon. A fresh and valid kubeconfig can be obtained using Karbon UI or using karbonctl. Ensure that you have downloaded kubectl to the machine from which you manage the cluster.

Karbonctl has undergone some improvements. You no longer need to pass the password via cleartext nor do you need to pass credentials for every karbonctl command. Also, there is no need to pass UUID of the k8s cluster. A simple login to Prims Central CLI and you can retrieve the Kubeconfig. We recommend you upgrade to Karbon 2.0 if you intend to use karbonctl.


For the process of obtaining kubeconfig via Karbon UI refer to Nutanix Karbon Guide: Downloading the Kubeconfig.

To perform the same task using karbonctl follow through KB-7457 [Karbon] Renew Kubeconfig via karbonctl instead of using UI.

1 reply

@Alona - It would be really nice if there were a way to download and run the karbonctl file without needing to have access to SSH to Prism Central.

As a developer, I would like the ability to get the kubeconfig file by command line, so I can provide my username and password and have it automate the rest.

But as a developer, I am not given ssh access to Prism Central, only to Karbon, so I have to do get the Kubeconfig via the UI every day.