karbon shared volume for all pods

  • 14 December 2020
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Good day

I have a questions regarding PVs on Karbon Clusters.

Is there a way to access Persistent Volumes created by Kubernetes on all pods ? or if we can have nfs share on all pods ? 

basically we need to share some files to be exist on all pods .


thanks in advance .

2 replies

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Hello @abbasi ,


Welcome to the Nutanix Karbon community!


Indeed, it is perfectly doable, all you need is a Nutanix Files clusters with an NFS share setup, and then you can use the Storage Class → Add Storage Class menu in Karbon UI to create an additional storage class that will use NFS.

A bit of background:

What makes a volumes usable (in R/W) by multiple pods (really, multiple Nodes) is the filesystem used.

By default, the Storage Class we create out of the box uses Nutanix Volumes (iSCSI-based bock storage) to provide storage. This means we have to format those block-based devices with a filesystem. We offer the choice of ext4 (recommended) or xfs. None of those filesystems support shared access, in fact, there is very few filesystem that support shared access.

On the other hand, as you pointed, NFS is essentially built for this type of usage pattern.

Ee happen to have our world class NFS provider, Nutanix Files, available to us in the Nutanix portfolio, which supports NFS. And so we built support for it in our CSI driver.

I hope this helps and clarify the solution!


Best regards,

Sylvain Huguet

thanks Sylvain  ,

it working fine now , but now how we can put the files into persistent volume and share it in all pods .