Karbon alarms notifications

  • 29 August 2020
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it would be nice to be able to send emails (or teams, slack) notifications whenever a critical alarm is fired in the karbon alert section.

At least i can’t find a way to do it right now.

Is it possible?


3 replies

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Please note Nutanix provide Prometheus add-on to monitor Kubernetes clusters.

I know, but it’s quite useless...if I have 30 karbon cluster to monitor am i supposed to constantly check for critical alerts? i guess not :)

it would be nice, given the PC integration, to be able to send notifications directly from PC.

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Hello @AlanC75 ,

First of all thank you for being a Karbon user!

We’re working on a few things in the background to facilitate just what you have in mind.
The first step is to finish converging Karbon/Kubernetes alerts into PC Alerts.
Once that will be done, you’ll be able to apply alert rules from PC that will be honoured for all alerts, including the ones from your Karbon Clusters.

Those things are currently in our backlog and prioritised.

Best regards,
Sylvain Huguet
Sr. Product Manager - Karbon & Kubernetes