Enabling Nutanix Karbon

  • 3 September 2020
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Karbon orchestrates Kubernetes clusters to simplify the provisioning and management of containerized applications. Kubernetes packages applications in their own dedicated containers together with all of the required operational components for running the application. Containers , which run inside of pods on top of nodes, are the core building block of Kubernetes architecture.


Using Karbon to manage Kubernetes operations requires a basic familiarity with key Kubernetes concepts.



  • Ensure that the configuration of the Prism Element (PE) cluster meets the following specifications:

  • AHV

  • A minimum 120 MB of memory and 700 MB of disk space in PC


Firewall Requirements:

Ensure that your firewall allows Karbon VMs and CVMs to reach the following domains and sub-domains

  • *.cloudfront.net

  • *.quay.io

  • ntnx-portal.s3.amazonaws.com

  • portal.nutanix.com

  • release-api.nutanix.com

Enabling Karbon:

  1. Log on to Prism Central.

  2. Click the collapsed menu icon.

  3. In the Services option, click Karbon.

  4. Click Enable Karbon in the main console window.

  5. To access Karbon, once you receive the message Karbon is successfully enabled, click the here link in the message


  1. In Karbon, you will need to upload a node OS image it can be found here


For details about Karbon and setting up cluster please refer following document 




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