VM Migration

  • 24 December 2018
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We have a Nutanix cluster setup, and now we wish to migrate our VMs. To do that, we would like to create a NFS on Nutanix and copy/move VMs from our old infra to Nutanix.

I was checking creating an export, is this what we need to do? The document does not say how we can access this export from the outside.

The cluster runs ESXi, so is there anything to be done from vsphere side?

I also saw this and this. I do not know if they are relevant or not, can someone please share their experience?


3 replies

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Have you tried Xtract?
Does Xtract support migrating from ESXi to ESXi? In all videos and descriptions the target environment is AHV, we're running ESXi 6.7.0 on the new cluster not AHV.
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If You are planning to move the Non Nutanix ESXi cluster to Nutanix ESXi cluster, you can follow as below,

Mount Nutanix container on Non Nutanix ESXi hosts.
You would need to add host ips in the whitelist on containers.
Migrate VMs to nutanix containers
And move/power on to Nutanix Hosts.