VM bootorder 1. Network then HDD

  • 28 November 2017
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after changing the bootorder with this command
acli vm.update_boot_device client mac_addr=...

the machines boots from Network (WDS bootstrap in this case) but does not continue to boot from HD in case F12 is not pressed. How to achieve this?

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6 replies

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Please update the boot order with the below command.

acli vm.update_boot_device "vm_name" disk_addr="disk_address"
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i found a solution leaving the VM settings as is. (bootorder= 1. HD 2. CD 3. Network)
From the running machine i set the only partition inactive:
diskpart>select disk 0
>select part 1

The machine boots from network starts MDT unattended installation and continues unattended with the activated partition 1.

Just like the original post, I'd like to know how to set the boot order to NIC first, then disk.

I currently have it set with the command:

acli vm.update_boot_device "vm_name" mac_addr="mac_address"

But just like in original post, if (F12) is not pressed, VM will not boot to disk. How is the command suppose to be written to allow boot 1. NIC 2. Disk ?
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@Benjamin B.
It seems that markinh executed the diskpart command on a Windows VM.
I think you can try other similar command to make the boot order run as your will if you are trying on Linux environment
Try to identify the correct order of your boot devices and then use command to make change to OS following the markinh post
This might work:
acli vm.update_boot_device vm_name boot_device_order=kNetwork,kCdrom,kDisk
While migrating nutanix VM to AWS it is giving me error while launching it which is

Could not find /.nutanix_active_svm_partition

Aside to this while converting into the AWS image it is giving me

this error : "ClientError: Multiple different grub/menu.lst files found

Can you help is sorting this out? how it support to be deployed on AWS.