VLAN on which bridge?

  • 12 April 2019
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Hi together,

I have build the network scenario with 2x 10GB and 2x 1GB NICs separated like shown in the figure.

br0: (br0-up / balance-tcp)
  • eth2, 10GB NIC
  • eth3, 10GB NIC
br1: (br1-up / balance-tcp)
  • eth0, 1GB NIC
  • eth1, 1GB NIC
Everything works so far..

Now I have created a new VLAN on bridge br1 for the VMs.
# acli net.create br1_vlan99 vswitch_name=br1 vlan=99

I can see it in Prism under Settings/Network Configuration.

Now my questions are:

1: How can I see on which bridge the vlan is mapped?
For example, I need to know which vlan goes over the 10GB bridge and which on the 1GB bridge.
The option when creating a new vlan interface contains the bridge name doesn't count!

2: Where is the config file located for this vlan interface (tap)?
If I am correct this should be an tap interface on each nutanix AHV node..

Thanks a lot for your help!

6 replies

I can neither see the vlan tap interface as described in

this is the result with "ovs-vsctl show" for br1:

I found a solution for Question 1!

You can see it with the REST API v2.

The section "networks" shows the vSwitch for each VLAN.
      "name": "br1_vlan99",
"vswitch_name": "br1"

and the vSwitch referres to the related bridge 🙂
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If you change into acli on any CVM you can list your VLANs with


and show their details including bridge assignment with

 net.get *
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To avoid new VLANs ending up on the wrong bridge, I normally create VLANs in acli as well:

 net.create br1_99 vswitch_name=br1 vlan=99
thanks for the reply.

Indeed, with net.get * you can see the bridge as well.
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With the following, the identifier is the VLAN ID.

acli net.get 

Also with following, you can get the list of VM's, and their MAC's tied to a Network Name.

acli net.list_vm