• 28 March 2018
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Guys, we have a requirement to use ESXi on some of our nodes. Question is, should we add them to our existing vCenter? .. or should we just add them to PRISM Central and be done?

The reasons I think we want to add them to our vCenter is ...

a) centralized ESXi License Mgmt
b) HA
c) DRS

One of my colleagues disagrees and says no need for vCenter, PRISM Central is all you need.

Any opinions on this?

4 replies

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Angelo is the community manager and can do a lift and shift. If it takes too long you can always repost. CommEd is AHV only so while many folks have experience in both commercial and CE it's less our bailiwick. something like may be a better fit, but Angelo will know best.
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@aluciani probably better for the commercial forum to get the ESXi eyes on it.

Losing your cluster services is a bit painful, but might be worth an experiment to see the tradeoffs especially around reliability. Often folks don't think of VMware working as solo nodes and assume all the goodies that come w vCenter (and paid licensing).
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Thanks... can I move this to the Commercial forum or do I need to repost?
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Thanks @jrack post has been moved.

@LumberJock also check out the I'm new here, how do I get started? post in our welcome section to get familiar with different categories and section's on the community site. Glad you are here and hope to see you in New Orleans for our .NEXT conference.