Upgrade to NUTANIX AOS 5.5

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Is there an ETA that we can do a oneclick upgrade to 5.5?
Or is it necessary to upgrade the foundation first and after that the AOS 5.5?

Is the procedure different on Hyper-v 2012 R2?

Or are there some considerations to wait upgrade to this version?

thanks in advance
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Not yet for One click Upgrade AOS 5.5 !!Is not necessary to upgrade foundation first .The same procedure for w2k12 .andi also you can migrate to w2k16
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Ok but what i can understand i have to do them all manually.
The foundation, ncc and 5.5

i would like to upgrade next friday in the evening, i would like to have a good view of what i must do.

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Yes ,First thing you have to open case with nutanix support-Upgrade first foundation,AOS and ,NCCIf you want to upgrade Hyper-V :-Upgrade System center first ,che list that all work fine then Upgrade Hypev-v to 2016 be carful about the Microsoft licensing