Unable to ping or connect to CVM after fresh install

  • 23 August 2019
  • 8 replies

Installed Nutanic CE 2019 stable image on to NUC8i5.
After installation I am unable to ping or ssh to the CVM. I am able to ping the host IP.

My setup:

3x NUC8i5BEH and each contains:
Samsung evo960 SSD M.2 1TB
Toshiba HDD 500GB
16GB SanDisk USB for Imaging

8 replies

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Can you SSH to the CVM from the host ?
No, not able to ping or ssh to CVM. However CVM is running as per virsh list --all command.
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So you can ping and SSH to the host but from the host you can't SSH to the CVM 192... address?
Yes that is correct.
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can you ssh nutanix@

with nutanix/4u

this should get you onto the internal CVM network.

Check what IP addresses you have configured on CVM at this stage

run > ifconfig
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please, how did you solve the problem?

Not able to take ssh

CVM is showing Running where as able to ping