Unable to move VMs to nutanix cluster (VMware,Vmotion)

  • 19 September 2016
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so i've been trying to vmotion a few VMs from our IBM Flex cluster over to our nutanix Cluster, but we always get the same error: "Error caused by the file ...vmdk"

The only info I can find on this is this article: https://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=2009097

But the nutanix container is NFS and as it is stated in that article that is is not applicable for NFS datastores.

Have anyone seen this before and know of any fix or workaround?

6 replies

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If you are a NX customer, please submit a support ticket at portal.nutanix.com and we'll hop on a webex and look at it with you.

If you are a XC or HX customer, file a ticket through your respective OEM vendor (Dell/Lenovo) and they can escalate it up to us to take a look.

That said, can you expand on how and when you get that error specifically? Walk us through your setup and what exactly you're trying to do.
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I get the error when i right click on a VM and choose migrate, change both host and datastore, and try to move the VM to the Nutanix cluster. Then it starts to relocate the virtual machine, and after a few minutes it ends with the error message i posted earlier. So for some reason something fails when the datatransfer is ongoing.

I tried again today with 2 template VMs, and one moved fine, the next failed, and continues to fail. I'm starting to think there is something with the network that drops the traffic, i'll monitor the switches and see if i can spot anything there first.
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ok, understood. We're happy to help on this if you open a support ticket, we can help look over whats going on and see if we can help with anything.
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same prblem? if not i'm sorryhttps://next.nutanix.com/t5/Installation-Configuration/Can-t-vMotion-between-ESXi-host/m-p/12689#M1570
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I've been doing such migration with no error so far. Hopefully not

Have you check filesystem whitelist configuration ? Make sure your non-Nutanix is whitelisted
My procedure as follows
- Create container
- Add non-Nutanix IP and Netmask to Filesystem Whitelist
- Add NFS share via storage tab on non-Nutanix host
- Add CVM virtual IP, folder (/container name), datastore name (container name)

It work for me

This is after successfully migrated from NON-Nutanix to Nutanix.

we are trying to migrate VMs (Change both computer resource and storage) changing datastore from nutanix-ds1 to nutanix-ds2 getting an call 
“Error caused by File” at the end of the migration.

our hardware is dell XC

Kindly help..

Thank you,