Unable to login to Prism via Firefox, IE

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Hi guys,

I am stucking in a case that I cannot login to Prism via IE or Firefox as image showing below

Of course, the Username and Password was correctly inputed

The reason why I want to use these both web browser is that I could not control the mouse when making the console connection to VM on Chrome (yes, unluckily, my colleage could do that but not mine)

Do you all have any solution on this?

I am using AHV with AOS 5.0.1

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Thats an odd one hienle

Have you seen that before farhanparkar bezeddin ?
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Also adding patrbng - if he has seen this?
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aluciani never luckily
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I logged onto our ahv/5.0.1 cluster with all three browsers with no issues and I haven't seen that message before. Is this error happening on desktops or just this one? Also, I would try different login profiles.

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patrbng Have you changed any configuration on the browsers?

I have tried deleting all the browser data and then logging in again but no hope

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We seem to also have a number of customers doing this. Conducting a bootcamp and half of my students are seeing this on Chrome/IE/Firefox. Version is AOS 5.0 on AHV
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Hi @hienle,
i have the same problem and the solution lies in mismatch in cluster time and the local time.
You need to configure a ntp server.Strangely with chrome works Best Regards
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Yes this is related to a time mismatch between the client and the cluster. KB 000004342 has an explanation (with IE and Safari as the listed browsers, but could affect others as well) and describes the fix as ensuring that the cluster has a valid NTP server defined.
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works like a charm!