Unable to login in Prism

  • 20 September 2022
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We tried to create a create a new user in Prism with reference to article: Managing Local User Accounts | Nutanix Community

We created the new user successfully, but unable to login using the new user. Getting error: Incorrect username or password error.

We have even reset the password several times, also deleted the user and created another still we are getting same error.

Please help us with any solution.

7 replies


Yes, we assigned the user boht the roles: User Admin and Cluster Admin.

Also tried by not assigning any role to the user. Still no luck.

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Well to be honest are you 100% sure the password matches the given password during user creation?


Or are you creating the user in prism element and try to logon into Prism Central?? 


Yes I’m sure that the password matches the password which I used during user creation. I tried to create the user several times and also reset the password.

I’m creating user in Prism central and trying to login in Prism central.

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. (Wrong read)

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Once local user is created , same user need to mapped with the role.

If LDAP integration is there, LDAP user need to map with the role. While loging you need to login user user@domain



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which version of PC are you running?

I had this once in AOS 5.20.x with the admin account. Ended up with creating a new admin acount...

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When you create a new user you also need to map a role to the specific user.