Templates from ESXi Host

  • 10 October 2017
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Good Morning,

I was wondering if there was a way to migrate existing templates from my ESXi host to our new Nutanix cluster?

6 replies

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I think you can convert your templates into an virtual machine and follow the Migration article:

You have to prepaire your template first. Install for example the VirtIO Drivers.

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Sibo Attema
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Hi there

Presuming the new location is also ESXi, just convert the template to a VM, move it over and convert back to template

Hope this helps
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Is this going to be on a new vCenter? You can use content library to syncronize all templates across all vCenters.
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I don't think it would be direct template migration even from ESXi cluster (Non Nutanix) to ESXi cluster (Nutanix)
It should be convert to VM first CMIIW

If using AHV then you need to install NGT first before migrate it to Nutanix (AHV)
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Hi adminljd

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Thank you for the response. I will give this a try.