Start cluster automatically at boot

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Is it possible to have the cluster start automatically at boot rather than having to log into a CVM and manually run 'cluster start'? What is the reason a manual start is required?

We have a number of remote sites that lose power a couple times a year and only have 20 minutes or so on a UPS. I'd like the ESXi hosts and VMs to come up automatically when power is restored, but that's not possible without the Nutanix cluster running and thus the datastore isn't mounted.

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it should start automatically when the power come back online
I'm using ESXi 6 with HA and DRS enabled. Worked for both NX1465 and NX3460
nice video from our fellow Nutant
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I guess it will start automatically after an unplanned power failure, but that does not seem to be the case when shut down cleanly or manually.

In the case of power failure, I have a script that can be triggered to shut down all VMs, stop the cluster and shut down CVM's, then shut down ESXi hosts before the UPS runs out of juice.

Would it be recommended to shut down VMs only and let the rest of it go down hard, so that things can start up automatically when power is restored?