Setup overrides rotational value for SSD recognition - ce-2020.09.16

  • 12 February 2021
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I tried to install Nutanix CE on a hardware machine, but the SSD is just recognized as a HDD.

Next step was to exit the installer by pressing STRG + C
Then I tried to change the rotational value of the SSD (sdy) from 1 (HDD) to 0 (SSD) by entering:

echo 0 > /sys/block/sdy/queue/rotational

I’ve checked, if the value is correct by entering:

cat /sys/block/sdy/queue/rotational

So anything should work fine now.

But when I was starting the setup with:

./ce_installer && screen -r
...the installer overwrites the rotational value with 1 again and I cannot continue with the installation.

I’m using the latest version ce-2020.09.16.iso


It would be great if someone can help!


2 replies

I did similar on my server with 3 SSD’s (sda,sdb,sdc)and 2HDD’s.(sdd, sde)   The installer overwrote the first 2 SSD’s, but not the third.  this allowed me to proceed with the install using your command ./ce_installer && screen -r

I am having the same issue, Tried 5 SSD drives now. It will not pick them up as SSD. Really now sure what to do at this point.