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Hey is anyone out there succesfully using the Nutanix MP with SCOM 12? I have everything installed however I cant get the monitoring for the "Nutanix Cluster" to populate any devices. In researching I found that Nutanix only uses snmp v3 traps to send this information and SCOM doesnt support snmp v3 traps. Has anyone else ran into this road block?

I should add I have the "Nutanix Hardware" monitoring container working, just not the "Nutanix Cluster" monitoring

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send in a support ticket so we can track this
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If I recall right, the SCOM MP Polls the SNMP with V3 (SNMP v3 is supported in SCOM).
With that said, we have noticed severe issues with getting the MP up and running properly since AOS 4.6, sometimes Disabling/Enabling the SNMP inside PRISM clears out the issues with SCOM not being able to poll the CVM that owns the Cluster IP.

We have also noticed that for some particular reason, when the Cluster IP gets moved to another CVM, we get a complete new Network Device/Nutanix Cluster.

The MP should perhaps need some rework as it seems to have drifted some.
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Please open up a ticket with Nutanix support, if you haven't already, on these SCOM MP/4.6 issues, and we'll give it a look
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I have done some testing on the SNMP side (not using traps) for SCOM.
It seems if you use the unix/linux version of SNMPwalker I am able to connect to Nutanix and get data.

Though if I test using Windows snmpwalker flavors, I have not as of yet been able to get data from Nutanix.

.SnmpWalk.exe -r: -sn:UserName -ap:SHA -aw:AuthKey -pp:AES128 -pw:PrivKey -v:3

Using this tool to test connection:

I have not tried to set up SCOM to collect traps from Nutanix as this will disrupt the current config I'm using for SCOM to collect SNMP data from other devices.

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Hey lerun - Thanks for testing this out.

Can you submit a ticket so we can have an engineer look into this with you?

Thanks again,
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I dont have ticket privilieges, but my customer is creating a case on this for me.

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So one issue seems to be that the Nutanix web GUI has some issues setting Privacy protocol key part. We could not get SCOM talking to Nutanix using this at all.

What made it work was setting the Privacy protocol to "None" on the SCOM Nutanix RunAs account.
Only using Authentication protocol we where able to get SCOM to communicate with Nutanix over SNMP.

Hope this will help someone else.
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We had to use commandline and CLI to set Priv Auth password for SCOM to use both security settings.

Might be the one we where using where to complex for the Web UI to handle.
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Hey lerun good find. Can you post up the CLI you used to make the change for future reference, if you still remember it?
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Here you go:

ncli> snmp add-user
Incompatible/invalid argument(s) specified: Required parameter 'username' missing; Required parameter 'auth-key' missing; Required parameter 'auth-type' missing

Command Format:
ncli [] ... [=] ...

snmp : An SNMP agent

add-user : Add an snmp user along with its authentication and privacy

Required Argument(s):
username : Identity of an snmp user
auth-key : Authentication key for an snmp user
auth-type : Authentication type for snmp user. Can be SHA

Optional Argument(s):
priv-key : Encryption key for an snmp user
priv-type : Encryption type for an snmp user. Can be AES

Additional Rule(s):
None or all of 'priv-key, priv-type' must be specified

If you'd fill-in required and optional parameters command would look like:
ncli snmp add-user username=test auth-type=sha auth-key=testauthkey priv-type=aes priv-key=testprivkey

User Name : test
Auth Key : testauthkey
Auth Type : sha
Priv Key : testprivkey
Priv Type : AES

Corresponding SnmpWalk to query cluster using this user would be then:
.SnmpWalk.exe -r: -sn:test -ap:SHA -aw:testauthkey -pp:AES128 -pw:testprivkey -v:3