RHEL is not certified to run on Nutanix AHV cluster

  • 18 May 2021
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If relate to support issue, I believe we can raise case to Redhat and Nutanix support.



But I focus on Redhat subscription issue. 

If RHEL VM are running in ESXi, we can use VM data center subscription which can help for cost saving.

If RHEL VM are running in AHV, we need to order per unit subscription. Each subscription cover 2x VMs. We need to pay more subscription cost for RHEL VMs if running in Nutanix AHV farm




1 reply

This is an ongoing battle between Red Hat at Nutanix because Nutanix is using AHV which Red Hat coined more or less. So it’s one of those “You took my toy!! I want it back!” situations. You may be told otherwise, however that is what I feel to be the case based on many conversations with both sides. Red Hat flat out refuses to support Nutanix all the way up to Corporate management inside IBM.

There is a customized virt-who binary that Nutanix created to skirt the block that Red Hat put into place but I have not been able to get it to work with 6.8/6.9. You may consider moving to “The Foreman” which is the upstream open source project to Satellite. 

Simplified Subscription Management for AHV with Red Hat Satellite Server (

I can tell you that there are ongoing discussions between the two companies but that also has been going on for a long time with no change to Red Hat’s stance. Who knows what will come from it. I have an active case open with Nutanix about this exact issue. 

If anything changes I will let you know.