Remote site connectivity not normal

  • 5 February 2019
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A remote site on AWS has been configured earlier. The time sync drifted too far but that has been fixed.

The remote site in Data Protection has this alert "Remote site connectivity not normal." It is an AWS instance. The remote CVM IP address is The host ipaddress is unknown, the firewall rules are fully open and replication seems to be occuring. There is a site to site VPN specificaly for this instance

It looks as though the aWS remote site was never configured with the local cluster as a remote site which is what most of the webinars and documentation suggest. The IP address will not open a web page on http or https, the only communication available to the AWS node is SSH.

How does the configurationof the remote site get completed or how do I get rid of this alert ??

Prisim: 5.6.1
NCC Version: 3.5.2
LCM Version: 1.4.2381
Nutanix 20170830.124 (in cluster, standard AWS instance)


1 reply

Hi, I want to ask you if you solved your problem. I have the same problem with my NTNX infraestructure.