• 22 February 2017
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I found
Prism Central, 4.7, and Prism Central 4.6.3 and prior versions are not installable on Nutanix NX-xxxx-G5
and other Broadwell processor platforms running AOS versions 4.6.2 through and any version of AHV.

You might encounter Failed to execute /svmboot or Kernel panic messages in a console window
if you installed or upgraded to these Prism Central versions and attempted to start the Prism Central VM.
This behavior does not affect AOS 4.5.3 clusters and has been fixed in Prism Central 4.7.1 / 4.6.4 and AOS 4.7.1 / 4.6.4.

So my customer had install AOS on NX1365-G5 model i would like to know it might affect for encounter Failed to execute /svmboot or Kernel panic or not and how can i get fix to it

Thank you in advance

4 replies

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Pichamon, the best option is to upgrade PC to 4.7.1 and later.
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harryhy Thank you for your reply , I'm not sure if we recommand customer to update it ha any concern or not about kernal panic
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Prism Central upgrade should be a low risk task. It only reads data. It won't disrupt the cluster/AOS.
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Pichamon - Following up on this as this isn't marked as solved here on the forums.

We've fixed this issue in 4.7.1 and beyond. Now 4.7.5 is out, and is quite stable; however, we'd always recommend opening up a support ticket to have our team review the environment if there are any questions about upgrades.