Present AHV as ESXi to Guest

  • 28 January 2021
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Hi folks!

We tried to deploy Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.9 to AHV with the OVA and ISO file. The appliance is based on Red Hat 7.8 and the installation works with no hassles.

When it’s finished, it throws the message “Warning : Unknown hardware type : AHV”. But it seems to run just fine. The problem is, that it’s not possible to apply a license, because the hardware, PID, SN, etc, is all unknown.

I think the appliance is just reading the SMBIOS system information. So is it possible to present AHV as ESXi hypervisor to this guest?

As this isn’t a critical system for us, we’re OK if Cisco will not provide any support.

I would be very pleased to receive suggestions..

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