Power Consumption for NX-8235-G5

  • 3 March 2017
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Hi all, I'm trying to calculate the power consumption for NX-8235-G5 which I should divide the load by half based on the 8035-G5 specs in the link below.

Would this means the power consumption for 8235 is 311W on average with +/-20% ?

Power Consumption: 949W maximum, 622W typical
0.8kW Out@100-140V, 10-7A, 50-60Hz;
1.6kW Out@180-240V, 11-8A, 50-60Hz;

3 replies

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The 8235 is 2 x 8035's in a 2U container sharing a set of power supplies combined into what Nutanix calls an appliance. The specs are per appliance.
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as for production most of the time PS only utilize typical output +20%. rise to maximum for heavy duty box
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Correct, all of the specs assume a fully loaded appliance, so if you take what is listed and divide by two, you'll get roughly accurate.