Oracle Linux 6.6 with UEK 3.18 kernel panicking on AHV with error “Kernel panic - not syncing: fatal exception”

  • 23 December 2018
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We are deploying Oracle Linux 6.6 VM with UEK 3.18 on AHV (New installation not migration). When the Installation is completed and the VM is rebooted the Kernel Panics with the following error.

“Kernel panic - not syncing: fatal exception”

For troubleshooting we have tried to switch the Kernel from UEK 3.18 to the Redhat Kernel 2.6 (which is bundled as the second Kernel option) on which it boots fine without any error.

The problem is persistent on Uninterruptable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) 3.18. We have also tried to create new initrd with virtio modules but we found no luck in that!

We have also tried to remove the to remove the DTrace kernel bits from the UEK 3.18 but that also was not helpful to mitigate the error.

We are running a 3 Nodes Cluster with the following Configurations.

AOS Version – 5.6.1
AHV Version - 20170830.124
Node Model – NX-1065 G5

Any idea how to resolve this problem?

Many Thanks.

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