Nutanix is now shipped without AHV

  • 17 October 2018
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Hi guys, today I was in the process to add three brand new nodes to an existing cluster with VMWare, but I was unable to discover the nodes through Prism or cli. Not even checking with my foundation VM, connecting the nodes to the switch I use for every cluster installations I did in the past worked.
After investigating the network and judging it is fine, it turned out that any node was able to boot properly, cause no boot device was found. Trying to force the boot of the satadom has been unsuccessful. I didn't investigate further to have the job done in time, proceeding to image the nodes through the foundation VM and have them prepared for the expansion. Whatever it looks like no AHV was installed on the nodes. Maybe I do not remember well, but my past experiences suggest me it had to be there. Is my memory faulty?

3 replies

Same thing happend to us. This happend because of a new way of working. Previously Nutanix would foundation the bare metal nodes with a version of AOS. Now the partners should foundation the nodes, if they don’t you get a blank slate.
We ended up foundationing the nodes ourselfs through a foundation VM connected to the same network as the blank Nutanix nodes. Worked out allright in the end.
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Hi Guys,

I have a pair of Gen 13 Dell r630s that I'm trying to install NUTANIX AOS 5.5.8 with ESXi 6.5 (preferable for this use case) or AHV 5.5.8 onto to create a Test Lab enviornment.

This model is definitely on the HCL but I keep getting the following Drive Controller related error (regardles of which Hypervisor I select) during the install:

20190205 08:58:23 ERROR Failed to generate hardware_config.json. Error:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/phoenix/layout/", line 206, in
write_layout("hardware_config.json", 1)
File "/phoenix/layout/", line 176, in write_layout
top = get_layout(node_position)
File "/phoenix/layout/", line 139, in get_layout
system_info_override, use_legacy=use_legacy)
File "/phoenix/layout/", line 55, in _find_model_match
hardware_id = module.match_hardware_id(layout_api, info)
File "/root/phoenix/layout/modules/", line 24, in match_hardware_id
File "/root/phoenix/layout/", line 131, in find_devices
raise StandardError(msg)
StandardError: This node is expected to have exactly 1 HBA330. But phoenix could not find any such device

Both Server cases are locked and I don't have the key but when I check the BIOS SATADOM is not a boot option. So I doubt that these Servers have the SATADOM option installed.

(Is the SATADOM a Hard Requirement for NUTANIX Software only Install?)

Both Servers have DELL PERC 730 RAID Controllers which I have tried to place in NON-RAID mode (selected Non RAID Hard Drive Options in the BIOS).

The PERC 730 (NON RAID) is on the HCL. But NOTE: w SATADOM:

RAID Option
No RAID for HBA330/H330/H730/H730P (Inc Flex Bay) w/ SATADOM

Storage Controller
1 x HBA330 12Gbps SAS HBA Controller (NON-RAID), Minicard

I've probably answered my own question (need to purchase and install SATADOM option for PERC 730 or replace them with HBA330s but just seeking confirmation so that I can validate the purchase requirement to my customer...

Any insights will be greatly appreciated,
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I'm trying to install the Licesnesed version of NUTANIX 5.5.8 AOS not CE. I need the licensed version for the Lab in order to POC (workloads like HYCU, COHESITY & RUBRIK (Software Only), Netwrix, etc.