Nutanix failover solution

  • 28 August 2017
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Hi Guys,

have a question for you.

We planned the buy nuntanix solution, but before, have some question for this.

Our remote planned datacenter infrastructure is 2 fortigate firewall with active passive HA, and two 2960x layer2 switch switch with cluser, and 2 10G switch.

The question is, how is working the LACP in nutanix, if I configure the cisco sw the LACP and use every node the 1Gb card for this. This card has managed the all VLAN (switchport trunk port). The most important thing the absolutly failover solution.

The planned solution:

Firewall HA cluster
Switch Cluster (with LACP)
10G switch cluster if possible LACP and direct connectivity for to each other

How is working this in nutanix solution?

Thanks for you help

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hey sali thanks for reaching out

LACP in the Nutanix world works the same it would everywhere else, its highly dependent on what hypervisor you are using.

If you are planning on using AHV, you can see some great content about how this works here:

If you are planning on using VMW ESXi or Hyper-V, you'd configure LACP how those respective vendors recommend it. For example, in the VMW case, that would be using the distributed virtual switch and LACP enabled LAG's on the distributed switch. In that example, That would be the same on Nutanix as it would on any other ESXi based solution.

With respect to your question though, it isn't clear if you plan on exclusively hooking up the 10G interfaces to the "2 10G switch" or if you're only using the 1GB interfaces to the 2960x's

if you have the possibility, i'd recommend that you hook 1x 10G interface to each 10G switch in the "10G switch cluster", and run LACP across them. That way, if a switch fails, you'll still have failover to the remaining switch