Nutanix CE using ESXi hypervisor install failed install

  • 22 April 2021
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I have tried multiple times to install the Nutanix community edition and use ESXi 7.0U1 as the hypervisor.  The install is nested inside of a VM running on a host machine running ESXi 7.0U1.  The install appears to complete correctly to a point.  The installation states that the installation was completed successfully and the system needs to reboot.  ESXi starts to load and complete additional configuration.  The ESXi screen eventually will show FAILED-INSTALL as the host name.  After I login to the ESXi web administrator portal I notice a few things are wrong.

  1. The CVM virtual machine is not present
  2. I notice three error messages in the recent tasks window.  The status message indicates a failed Deselect Vnic For Nic Type
  3. There is also an error message stating a failed Disable ruleset

These error messages do not give any further information indicating what happened.  I have tried ESXi 7.0 and ESXi 6.7.  Each time I receive the same error messages.  I can see Nutanix specific port groups and a virtual switch called vSwitchNutanix that were created during the automated config.  I also notice that the virtual switch called vSwitchNutanix does not have any uplinks assigned to it.  I really want to try out the Nutanix CE with ESXi as the hypervisor, but keep running into these issues.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

5 replies


I ran the installation correctly on vsphere 7.0u2.

Below steps to verify what happend.

  1. Logon to vsphere (as a root pass: nutanix/4u) and check the logs: 

#cd bootbank/Nutanix/firstboot

#cat  first_boot.log  (check the error)

  1. Depending on the errors, the installation scripts should be changed.

Most of the problems are with recognizing disks (for ex. RDM)etc.




The first_boot.log shows that a Fatal exception occurred.

The log file then references line 2516 and line 2223.

It logs an AttributeError that states - ‘ParamList” object has no attribute ‘passthru_devs”

The log line before this states - Completed phase ‘adv_params”

The log line after the error message states - Running command [‘touch /bootbank/Nutanix/firstboot/.firstboot_fail’]

I was able to get the install to work correctly.  I started using VMware Workstation 16 Proon Windows Server 2019.  Everything seems to work properly now with a single node setup.  Thanks for the help.

Hi R3deemed:

    May I ask how you to solve this problem? I was encountered same error and want to know it solution.


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Sorry, I finally found the root cause! if Install CE 2020.09.16 in the VMware Workstation or Nest ESXi environment, and setting the Disk Controller other then SATA will cause above error! once setting the Disk Controller to SATA above issue is gone. It’s no matter which host’s OS do you use.