Nutanix CE installation ( ce-2020.09.16 ) - HPE DL380 G9

  • 7 February 2021
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Dear Members,

please explain or share video for the  ce-2020.09.16 installation steps.

I am installing in a HPE DL380 G9 server with 32GB.( now 2*300GB HDD in Mirror)

Q1. what is the HDD requirement

Q2. All LAN need to connect 



2 replies

Hi there,

First of all - you should not use any hardware raid with nutanix. Nutanix takes care of that. Also, if you have the possibility - add an extra SSD too in order to utilize the SSD-cache functionality.

Also, you would like to have atleast two VLAN’s. One for the storage and one for the clients basically.

Hello ,

If possible can you please explain the complete process.. what i have

  1. HP DL380 G9 server with 32GB RAM 
  2. Buffalo iscsi storage

i can add normal HDD not ssd to server


Looking for the installation help for - Nutanix CE installation ( ce-2020.09.16 )