Nutanix CE installation ( ce-2020.09.16 ) failing on Dell 720XD

  • 5 February 2021
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Nutanix CE installation is failing on Dell 720XD with “SVM imaging failed “ errors . Attaching the screenshot. How do I correct the problem ? 

Installation media is on USB 3.0 64Gb flash drive

Drives are configured as RAID0 disks on the storage controller 

SSDs are  identified successfully after making sure ‘rotational’ parameter is set to ‘0’ ( echo 0 > /sys/block/sda/queue/rotational )


Hardware Environment:

1 x Dell 720XD

Perc H710 controller

1 x 500G SSD ( CVM disk )  recognized as sda

1 x 250Gb SSD ( Hypervisor) recognized as sdb

1 x 300Gb HDD ( Data ) recognized as sdc

1 x 300Gb HDD ( Data ) recognized as sdd






6 replies

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Hi AjayRaghuRaj,


When phoenix tries to image the disk, it is unable to find the disk (in this case, /dev/sds) because it becomes unresponsive for some time. Hence, the part table does not have the particular disk:


This issue occurs when the disk does not respond for some time and hence, does not respond to the internal disk commands


Run smartctl against the disk and verify the health.

sudo smartctl -x /dev/sd# -T permissive


Please reseat the SSD to fix the loose connection and retry imaging.


Hope this helps,


Thank you


How have started the installer again?
When I start the setup with “./ce_installer && screen -r”, it is overwriting the rotational values with 1. And the disks are just HDDs again. I find no solution. Got a r720xd, too.

Did you ever have any luck with this?  I’ve been getting the same error (exact same message).

My disk appears healthy.


No, not yet. I cannot try it again before next week.
The funny thing is:
The disk which should be an ssd is a real ssd. But recognized wrong.
BIOS has identified it correctly. But ce setup not.

My next step will be to us an older installation image and try the steps with that.
I think they’ve changed the installation process in the latest version.

I will try it with this image:

Please tell me, if you have any success ;)

I’ve tried several older images (including the one you linked) and most of them don’t seem to like my NIC (an Intel I219LM).


The latest one seems to detect the NIC just fine, but errors out exactly as you described above.  Same error.




I tried again after reseating the drives.. but to no avail. After the crash , the SSDs ( sda,sdb) seem to be showing rotational=1 






here is the screenshot of the installer before the crash. It seems to be detecting the SSDs after tweaking the ‘rotational’ property