Nutanix CE install - MinimumRequirementsError: No GigE or 10Gige network device found

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Im currently trying to install Nutanix CE single node cluster on my lab. My hardware setup is the following:

Intel NUC 7i7BNH
CPU: Intel i7-7567U (2 Cores)
RAM: 2 x 16GB HyperX Impact DDR4
Drive2: WD RED 1TB
Network: 1 GbE

As i only have 2 cores, i started out editing the "" script for 2 cores.

But i'm getting the following error after install "inizializing" process:
MinimumRequirementsError: No GigE or 10GigE network device foundAlso if go to the GRUB Command window in the installer, and try to list network cards with 'net_ls_cards' command, i get no output. It seems like the network card isn't compatible, or drivers are missing from the Nutanix Installer.

I can see that most Intel NUC will run the install with only the min_core tweak, so im hopefull yet.

Has anyone had any luck installing Nutanix CE with this type of Intel NUC?
How can i overcome this problem?

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+1 same issue. 😢
I was not able to get this NUC version working. I noticed if I modprobe and remove the e1000e then modprobe again with e1000 instead the system recognizes the nic card. I was not able to restart the network service after that. Not much help. I changed the NUC out for the NUC6i7KYK to get up and running.
how to turn on the port-channel?
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What version of CE are you using?