Nutanix CE 2020.09.16 on a Nutanix Cluster - CVM reboot loop

  • 20 May 2021
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I wann install the CE Editon on a Nutanix Cluster (no CE)

AHV 20190916.410



But the CVM do reboot loop.


vCPUs: 8

Number of Cores per vCPU: 1

RAM: 32 GB

3 NIC's

3 Disks: SCSI, 30, 200, 250 GB


Did on the AHV from Cluster: acli vm.update AHV_01_CE cpu_passthrough=true

Install the CE Version (no single node cluster)



If I do a “ tail -f /var/log/NTNX.serial.out.0” on the AHV from CE
I can see that the CVM is reboot in a LOOP.

How can I fix this ?

1 reply

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tryed the older Version:


this works… looks like a “bug” in the newer release (ISO)


need to create NIC by hand:


vm.nic_create vmName model=e1000 network='NetworkName'