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  • 2 March 2015
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Hi Team

Can you confirm to me if HP SFP+ to SFP+ copper cables are supported on Nutanix ?
For exemple :
And also if there is full support on HP Switch with 10G SFP+ ?


8 replies

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Yes, HP X242 SFP+ cable is supported with HP 10G switches conneted to Nutanix, however we have seen some issues with 7m or longer cables causing RX CRC errors. So, less than 7m cables are good to use.
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Hi Thanks for your feedback.
Can you please confirm to me that this HP switch having 4 SFP+ can be connected on SFP+ to Nutanix NX6420 using HP cables :
HP 3800-48G-4SFP+ Switch (J9576A)

Thanks a lot
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Hi,As per the spec sheet for the HP 3800 switch, the 4 SFP+ 10-GbE ports are for uplink (aggregate/core switch or router) and not to connect to the downlinks (servers), so it is best to check with HP if there is a possibility to connect these ports to a server.It is also recommended to tryout a demo on the switch before you buy it to connect with the Nutanix solution. The reason for this is because there maybe be many different switches in the market and it would not be scalable and feasible for Nutanix to test each and every switch for compatibility, however the industry standards rule that SFP+ should work.I hope that answers your question, If not, please let me know.
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Can I use Cisco Twinax cable (SFP-H10GB-CU3M=) between Nutanix 1350 Nodes with Cisco Catalyst 4500x Switches ?
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Yes the Nutanix solutiaon will take just about any cable. Some switch manufacture's require their cables. In those instanaces use the switch manf cables and they will work fine. Just keep them under 5m for DAC twinax.

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Dear tonyholland00,

Can you please also confirm that 10G SR optics also supported? Can I use Cisco or Juniper or Extreme SFP+ SR modules with Nutanix?
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We will work with SR, you just need to provide the SFP+ transceiver.

We use Intel Nic which is not picky at all who's transceiver you use. I recommend just using the same oness you are buying for your switch.
Do you support both active and passive DAC?