New Metro PD - Storage container has existing data

  • 13 June 2018
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I'm running AOS 5.1 with ESXi 6.0 and trying to setup a new Metro PD. I've created a container with that same name on both clusters and mounted to all ESXi hosts. Now when I go to create the Metro PD, the Remote Site shows 'incompatible' because the 'Storage container has existing data'. When I look, the only data that I see in this datastore is a folder called ".iorm.sf" that has a single 1 kb file named "slotsfile".

I suspect that this is related to vSphere's Storage I/O Control being Enabled but it's showing NOT enabled in the hypervisor. Nevertheless, when I deleted the file & folder from within the datastore browser, it immediately returns.

Has anyone else encountered this and/or know what the solution is?

1 reply

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So my workaround is to mount the container at the source site to all hosts. Then, on the hypervisor, disable Storage I/O Control for that datastore. Then at the remote site, create & mount the container to only 1 host. I then ssh to that host, navigate the filesystem to the datastore (/vmfs/volumes/DS-1) and then delete any/all files from there. Then back in Prism, the new Metro PD wizard detects the remote site as compatible. after completing the PD wizard, I then mount the container at the remote site to the remaining hosts.