New Deployment - Recommended version of Acropolis + vSphere

  • 26 May 2016
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We have just recently stood up a brand new cluster and our prepping it for production use. Currnetly we are using acrpololis verion + vsphere version 6.0.

Curious to hear if anyone has any feedback in regards to any upgrades that we should consider prior to putting this into production. I know there are some CBT bugs w/ vsphere 6.0 and have also heard that there are some issues with certain combinations of acropolis + vsphere.

If you've had stability with a particualr combination it'd be great to hear your feedback. Thanks in advance.

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3 replies

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There are no known issue that I am aware of for any particular vSphere levels vs any particular AOS levels, especially the versions you are on.

that said, there are quite a bit of issues with vSphere 6.0 before express patch 5. That's the released I'd recommend any new customer to go to. Update 2 is pretty new, id recommend holding off at least one more quarter on that one.

also, re AOS version. Latest 4.6.1 is a-ok, and has some killer enhancements over 4.5.2 for sure. That said, 4.5.2.x is a pretty darn good release, so your welcome to stay on that one if you'd like.

Lastly, thanks for reaching out, happy to help here any time. You can also get help via a support ticket, which will generally get your more timely responses, as community posts aren't on any sort of SLA, where as tickets are. Definitely want to make sure your getting the level of help you need.

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Charlie, You can do the upgrade without the JSON file. Support folks can do a Webex with you and walk you through the process. Its via command line and pretty straight forward. In March, I upgraded to NOS 4.6 and the Hypervisor to latest version of ESXi. I didn't had the JSON file then and I contacted the support to walk me through. From what I understand (and I might be wrong) Nutanix does not qualifies all minor releases and the wait time is almost 2 months for major releases.

Hope that helps !
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Hi John -

Thanks for the reply on this. Is there a JSON file available for express patch 5? I am only seeing one for 1b and then update 2. Any insight would be appreciated!