Network Visualization - Dell Switches

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I'm in the process of evaluating AHV and migrating away from our existing Hyper-V cluster.

I have a 3 node physical community edition setup on Dell Poweredge R720 connected to Dell s4048 10GB switches which I note should be supported.

I am trying to get Network Visualization to populate but I simply cannot get any switch port interfaces to show up, I have configured snmp and lldp as required in the pre-requisites.

From the switch itself I can run "show lldp neighbors" and I can get see lldp is working on the switch. Also on the AHV host, by running lldpcli and "show neighbors details" I can see details provided by lldp from the switch

However on the Network view in Prism the switch name shows up and I get basic information regards it, but underneath I have a data unavailable link, and the troubleshooting tips are enable the switch ports and make sure lldp is enabled which they are.

Is anyone aware of any further troubleshooting I can do on this ? or any logs on the CVM or AHV host that may shed some light on this issue ?

Any help appreciated

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