My first time setting up a new cluster and it failed

  • 2 January 2018
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Trying to setup a new cluster in China, I'm in the US.
I have a computer on the same vlan as the hypervisor and cvm are on. I ran the java aplet and it detected all three nodes. I went through the wizard entering the names and IP addresses of everything including the IPMI. Its a new subnet so I know nothing was on it. The aplet then seemed to IP the hypervisor and CVM, then did a network check and came back that there was a IP conflict with all the IPs I entered. Well yeah, the hypervisor and CVM now have the IP addresses they should have.
I contacted support and they had me manually create the nutanix cluster from a ssh connection. which worked, but now I need to convert the hypervisor to ESX, and I feel like there are settings that did not get setup because the wizard did not complete (IPMI doesn't seem to have its IPs, the time zone is set wrong don't know where to change that, there might be others that I don't realize yet)
When I tried to convert the cluster from prism, I get an error “operation is not currently supported” so I upgrade AOS from 5.1.x to 5.5x but I get the same error.

Going to call support now, just wanted to share this here, if anyone can shed light on why foundations may have failed, what I should configure manually, and how to convert to ESX.


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