Missing option to create File Server

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Currently have AOS, AHV 20160925.91, NCC 3.1.3 and Foundation 3.11.1 installed. My Nutanix cluster has three nodes (Dell XC430 Xpress) all running AHV with the Starter license. I am trying to find the File Server option to begin creating an AFS file share.

The File Server option is missing from the Home menu in Prism. The option to update the File Server is missing from the Upgrade Software window, as you can see above. What could be causing this? Is my version of AOS too old to create an AFS vm?

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Have you setup the External Data Services IP Address?

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My Cluster Details screen doesn't show an External Data Services IP. Instead, it shows an iSCSI Data Services IP. I do have a valid, unique IP entered into that box.
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Ok. That is fine.

Have you run a precheck? Also see:


Err wait.. so you are not even seeing File Server under Software?

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pascoSOE The nodes are xpress nodes that comes with starter license. AFS option is not available in xpress nodes.
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The obvious next question when you say AFS is not available with Express would be to communicate what licening IS required to run AFS. Is it Pro or Ultimate?

I just found the license comparison and it says you need ULTIMATE to run AFS.