Minimum bandwidth and MTU between nutanix cluster

  • 8 March 2017
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1. what is the minimum bandwith that i need between 2 DataCenters to allow replication between 2 nutanix cluster (1 nutanix cluster in each DC).
2. nutanix cluser know to work with MTU that lower then 1500? if he didnt he know to work with fregmentation?

1 reply

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#1). You're gonna hate this. 'It depends'. Bandwidth need is based on the amount of data change happening between your snapshot schedule if asynch. If synch, you need much more plus less than 5ms of latency between clusters.

#2) I haven't run into it yet but if you are having fragmentation at the newtork it might be worthwhile to use a separate pair of switches. Nutanix or any other HCI solution, need to have fast L2 adjancey between nodes. While Nutanix doesn't require jumbo frames, you want the nodes to talk to each other as much as possible.