migration from traditional SAN storage datastore to Nutanix NFS datastore(Datastore Migration)

  • 7 May 2014
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Dear All ,
How the datastore migration works for VM from exiting legacy storage datastore(using FC) to new purchased Nutanix datastore(using NFS)?


6 replies

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We just did a full migration and we used Vmware Storage Vmotion.
But this is if you use Vmware. Don't know for other hypervisors
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ok.im talking about vmware svmotion.no extra configuration needs from nutanix to run vmotion?for vmware svmotion has alimitaion and not support nfs from fc or iscasi
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We created 2 Vsphere clusters. One with hosts attached to SAN and the other with Nutanix hardware.
Then we used the Vsphere Web Client because that way you can do online storige vmotion between Vsphere clusters. The "old" vmware client does not allow that, only the webclient. We are using version 5.5 btw.

The storage vmotion will happen over the LAN network.

There are, as for as I know, no extra configuration requirements for using vmotion on nutanix
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Yep, no particular configuration.

If you cannot get the live migration to work, for whatever reason, you can also whitelist the IP of one of your existing Hypervizor on the Nutanix cluster, then mount the Nutanix NFS container on your former cluster, then just to a simple storage vMotion.

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Indeed, we used the whitelist method also because some machines where to large for live migration and timed out during transfer
ok.how about if the Hypervisor is Hyper-V?

we should whitelist source host and destination host, correct?