Migration from Cisco 1000V on vBlock

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We are in the process of installing a Nutanix cluster into a vCenter 6.0 environment. We plan to migrate our VMware workload from a vBlock cluster that is currently using a Cisco Nexus 1000V distributed vSwitch. My original hope was to use a Shared Nothing vMotion to migrate VMs online to the Nutanix cluster; however, from what I'm reading the difference in the two distributed vSwitches (Cisco vs. VMware) will prevent a vMotion from succeeding.

Does anyone have experience migrating workload from a vBlock running a Cisco 1000V to a Nutanix cluster? Is there another method of live migration, or is there a way of convincing VMware to allow the vMotion to a different model of vSwitch?

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Anything you can add here bbbburns? Thanks
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I haven't tried that exact scenario. Do you have another non-Cisco vSwitch in the source host you could move this VM to before migration?

All of the cross vSwitch migration documents I can find make no mentioned of the Cisco Nexus 1000V unfortunately.
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unfortunately i haven't tested this either. Can you check the DB to see that vCenter lists the two 1000v switches with same vendor and version. Check https://kb.vmware.com/kb/2126851 but make sure you don't upgrade (use set command) the version, just browse using moid
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From everything I've read it appears a vMotion between different models of vSwitches isn't possible, so we'll come up with some other solution. I was just curious if anyone else had encountered this scenario.