Meltdown & Spectre mitigation validation

  • 9 January 2018
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We have upgraded AHV to 20160925.103, running on Dell XC430-4 harware (w/ Dell BIOS upgraded to 2.7.0) and have applied guest vm patches, however we would like to know if there is a supported method to ensure proper mitigation? Both the Microsoft provided Get-SpeculationControlSettings as well as suggest that we do not have hardware support, but I believe we do per required AHV and BIOS updates and instead the guest vms (we tried cold booting a few as well) are not able to read hardware details. We get "Default System BIOS" for the BIOS version and "System.Object[]" for CPU details...

Any thoughts / guidance would greatly be appreciated!

1 reply

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FYI to anyone else curious, support confirmed yesterday the following:
"[...] there's no way yet to expose the hardware level BIOS on the Guest VMs.
Windows Control Panel -> System Information or Device Information, Linux -> dmidecode etc are ways to check, but they will also not show the BIOS on the hardware."