Is there Foundation release note or support-unsupport list?

  • 6 June 2016
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Hi all

is there any guide for what ESXi version/build-number is support or unsupport about Foundation?

Sometimes I need to know what version Foundation can install what version ESXi

Or I only use the newest version Foundation to install older version ESXi? Does it always work?

I hope there will be some information let me know when I install older ESXi on newer Nutanix using newer Foundation

Some Costomers not always use the newest ESXi


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You can find the section in the foundation guide which explains about supported hypervisor ISO images.
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Thanks for your reply

I saw this iso_whitelist.json

and I write down what I got

I feel the iso_whitelist.json is not friendly....

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You should always be using the latest foundation either way. The "target" version of foundation for everyone to use globally is 3.1.1

We distribute the whitelist in JSON form as its a great way for a programmatic interface to read data, and also be moderately readable for humans. Way better than doing it in XML form or anything like that.

As for the friendliness of a JSON, It would be easier for you to use a JSON Parser online (there are many to chose from) than to read through it manually in notepad.

Try this one:
Thank you Jon for your answer,, I also found another nice JSON Parser tool.