Invalid trunked network 0 issue creating trunked vmnic via acli

  • 25 January 2017
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i saw this message when i create new trunked vmnic to test vm but there is issue that i followed this

procedure with nutanix official guide. it says that i can put default vlan0 in the list if i want to include it

but it didnt work even i put vlan0 in the list.

acli vm.nic_create File network=Vlan200 vlan_mode=kTrunked trunked_networks=1000,100,0

i used this command line for the test and i confirmed that i can include default vlan via vm.nic_update

command line.

is there any way to include default vlan0 creating new trunked vmnic??

3 replies

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vlan0 is default as far as I know should not tagged in trunk. in which document you found it ?
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the name of document is Acropolis Hypervisor Administration Guide v4.7

i highlighted content that the procedure i followed for testing

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hey InoCho - following up on this one, did you ever find a solution to this?

If not, please open a support ticket with our team, and we can look into this on a support session wtih you.