Installing Community edition on NX-3x50

  • 25 April 2018
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Just to give a little bit of back ground, we have recently decommissioned a datacenter and we have 4 NX-3x50 blocks using hyper-v as the hypervisor. they have been sitting in our office for a couple of months with no plans to use them. With some time on my hands for some self study I was looking in to using 1 of these blocks for a lab environment.

I have tried to install community edition on one of the nodes of the block, its gets so far and fails complaining that it is unable to format\partition the drives and another one saying because it is in use.

couple of questions is it possible to install CE on the equipment we have?
if it is I have a feeling I may have to clear down what is already installed on the nodes.

What do I need to do to basically clear down the blocks to factory defaults if that is possible.

Just to add the domain these were joined to no longer exists.

any advice would be gratefully received even just to advise that I'm flogging a dead horse.

Thanks in advance

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