Install solaris vm in nutanix

  • 8 August 2017
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hallo all,

i facing issue about installation solaris VM in nutanix
they cant detect any network from nutanix after succes the installation
how to enable network for solaris vm in nutanix?
i have enable ngt but they just available linux and windows
my nutanix acropolis 4.7, do i have upgrade to aos 5.xx? or there's a another solving sugestion


3 replies

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Currently we dont have "Solaris" as as supported guest OS.
Please refer the below link.
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so any solution for this issue?

cause my customer run mostly their apps in solaris 10/11
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Hi ,
Try changing network adapter to e1000
use below command.

vm.nic_create model=e1000 network=

Please note Solaris is not yet supported so it's your own risk :(