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  • 25 June 2020
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HI All

I configured Nutanix cluster with single node configuration with AOS 5.15 and hypervisor AHV. usually I never get problem  to deploy single node cluster and the cluster running well. But today I got problem when I upload image like ISO or Virtual Disk to the cluster nutanix. The Image remain inactive and never be updated. 

I also can not deploy Prism Central in the cluster because when I create VM, the operation always failed.

Please give me some clue.




3 replies

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Does it show you any error when you try to create a VM? If you login to the CVM and run “cluster status”, is everything up?

Yes all services is up, 

Here I give you some capture from the cluster. 

Correction for the AOS I am using now 5.10.9, but before I am using 5.15 version

also have same problem




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If you run an NCC health check (ncc health_checks run_all), does it complain about anything?

Can you try restarting the acropolis service? 

genesis stop acropolis; cluster start

Could you also show the full traceback, because the screenshot cuts it a lot. You can get it in data/logs/acropolis.out on the CVM.