Importing a vhd from Oracle virtual box into Nutanix

VERY new Nutanix user. Trying to get an existing (and working perfectly) vhd (which contains windows 2012r2 server, and Sharepoint 2016 server w/SQL) into Nutanix so I can run it out on the new platform. I have tried to export appliance as an .ova (1.0 and 2.0) using 7-zip to "untar" and then upload the vmdk into image configuration. This hangs. Never finishes. I have to putty to acli to delete the image (i have left it overnight, still nothing)
Seems like i have tried every which way to get this VM up into nutanix. When I do get it to upload, the machine won't boot (vm details not found). Does anyone have a (fairly) simple set of instructions on how to do this. I feel it shouldn't be this hard, so i think I am just missing something.
Thank you for any and all suggestions!

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Yes you can import VHD files into Nutanix. It is not as easy as OVF/OVA. We are working on the feature for a future release.
Our Image services will import VHD file.

Here is a great KB article that was written for migrations with image services.

I hope this helps

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Hi @Kcardin401 did you see the reply form @jamesbrown - consider clicking the best answer link and like link if it helps. Thanks