I Can't Access the VM GUI after foundation installation

  • 23 February 2022
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I configured four Nutanix 3460-G7 nodes, and when they were installed, I tried to log in using the given link (one of the cvm), but since the new nutanix default password was changed to the IPMI serial, I had to try four times before it locked me out. and my pc was detached from the switch for some reason, which I reconnected, but now I couldn't access the prior cvm ip using the gui. Need help guys

1 reply

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Hi @MikiasD 

What i suppose from your question is the following:

  • Foundation was done without further issues
  • With foundation completed you hit the link belonging to one of the CVM’s https://whatever:9440
  • On Prism Element you locked the admin account

If i am right you can reset the admin account password connecting by SSH to a CVM (default credentials user:nutanix password:nutanix/4u) and  following the instructions shown on this link


P.D. On new NX nodes the IPMI password is node serial this not applies to PRISM Element