Hyper-V/Expanding existing cluster

  • 17 April 2015
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I can't really find good instructions for this or else I am just not understanding, but if we are adding new nodes to an existing Nutanix AND Hyper-V cluster and therefore are not creating a new storage cluster name and what not, can the setup_hosts script be used in that case? I was thinking from looking at that, it does more than just rename hosts, add to domain, tell it to use 10Gb and reboot.

Essentially, I have new nodes with Hyper-V and NOS installed and i know I could easily expand the Nutanix cluster itself from Prism, but for the piece of adding the new hosts to the domain and sucking up into SCVMM, i wasn't so sure.

I was initially thinking i would just run the "setup_hosts" script and skip the "setup_scvmm" script (as i am using existing failover cluster from the first blocks installed), however looking at the setup_hosts script, i see it prompts for actually configuring the public address of the SMB share and/or name, etc. I don't really need or want to create a new public name or anything as this storage will just be added to existing cluster.

Can i still use the setup_hosts script for this expansion before manually importing the hosts and storage in SCVMM OR do i have do domain join manually and manually do the other steps that setup_hosts would normally do?

2 replies

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Wouldn't i need to be adding them to scvmm manually as the scvmm script from what i know will want to create the failover cluster, etc. which is already done and out there being used by the existing nodes?.

Afer looking at setup_hosts script more and the nutanix cluster IP and name it asks for, i know it isn't injecting that anywhere domain wise, so if i put in the same nutanix cluster public IP and nutanix cluster name there as we have setup currently and want each host to use from our existing cluster, it will just need that for local route or host file setup, etc?
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You add the hosts manually to the domain (sconfig); after that, expand the cluster from Prism, then setup_hosts (won't reboot as they're already in the domain), then setup_scvmm.