Hyper-V Expanding existing cluster

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we have 3 node setup NOS is 4.7.4 and HyperV is Windows 2012 R2.
one of the node is down and we have reimaged the setup using phoenix iso now while joining to cluster there is an error message Failed to get Domain name.
my cvm's are able to resolve domain name and host names.
currently our cluster is of 2 node now. newly reimaged node has different name and ip address for hosts and cvm.

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Sounds like you are going through a SATADOM-Replacement, or what is the cause of doing a reimage?
If I were you I would quickly put in a case to help the support-team help you out.

With that said, as long as you havn't touched the front SSD/HDDs the CVM should be fine. If you followed the procedure (And not reconfigure the CVM during the phoenix process) the CVM should boot up and participate in the Nutanix cluster, or is this not the case?

Where do you get the error message? During the Hyper-V setup where you try and add it to the Failover-Cluster?
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this is just a new deployment and we are performing this activity due to we have installed windows 2012 R2 Datacenter edition where we have Standard edition license.
finally all vms are in production and we dont have any option now.
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diven looks like connectivity issue between the node and DC/DNS. if the CVM on newly reimaged node can resolve DNS IP it should be can perform join domain since the script run through CVM. Is there any firewall between Nutanix and DC ?
to add new node to exsting nutanix cluster you can simply using Prism
but in Hyper-V perspective you always need to join domain to create Hyper-V cluster
all IP's configured during reimaging process
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there is no firewall between Nutanix and DC as well Host Firewall is disabled.