Hyper-V Cluster configuration

  • 21 January 2015
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Do we need to configure a quorum (File Share Witness) for an Hyper-V Cluster on Nutanix ?



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7 replies

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Hi Alex,

Yes you have to, like in any other Hyper-V cluster.

The Nutanix solution is providing the base layer for the server hardware and storage subsystem, however you need to/can enable/disable any feature on the Hyper-V cluster.
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Thank you for the answer.

I was not sure because some Hyper-V Features are not available with a Nutanix Cluster like the use of shared vhdx.


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For Hyper-V cluster you don't have configure quorum disk for HyperV cluster configuration.

Easiest way of configuring HyperV cluster when deploying it on Nutanix cluster is by running setup_hyperv.py script from one the CVM's and it can add HyperV hosts to domain, create hyperV cluster, add it to SCVMM.

You can refer to following document from Nutanix for configuring HyperV hosts and cluster.


Hope it helps
Does the nutanix Hyper-v Version support shared VHDX on the SMB Container/File Server created by the underyling Nutanix cluster?

Many Thanks
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Shared VHDX is currently not supported, but should be in the not too distant future. I'll circle back with product management to see if we can provide a timeframe for support.


p.s. Regarding the original question in this thread. Configuring a file share witness for the Nutanix Hyper-V cluster is optional. When you consider the FT and replication factor of the Nutanix cluster, the need for a voting witness will likely not come into play. You should not have more than one if RF2 or two if RF3 nodes offline at the same time. So node majoriy quorum alone should suffice
Dear Mike:
Got it t, thank you for the help.
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Were you able to get a timeframe for support of shared VHDX from the product development team? This is a feature I'm in need of as well.